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How to increase breast size with massage

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Are you worried about your breast size? do you want breast appealing your appearance bold and beautiful - Here we are sharing tips on how to increase boobs size with massage at home

Well shaped and well developed breasts are an integral part of feminine beauty. Every healthy women dreams of getting a perfect bust, the reason being to fit-well in the dresses or to make her man happy and feel scrumptious. Making it the reason being, Women take great care of the the part. However, due to hormonal imbalances and several other medical and physical reasons, women experience underdeveloped or deformed breasts.

Many women who suffer from underdeveloped breasts seek professional and help – apart from breast implantation surgery there are several natural remedies as well.
Breast Size
Although, these cannot be expected to give instant result, are time consuming but without any risks or side-effects. A woman should never go for implants or surgery because of the considerable number of side-effect these things have.
Breast Massage
Before paving our ways through the natural ways, Let us gaze some instant solutions which can make your bust look fuller and get that dress grow perfect.

Some Do’s and Do-not’s with Instant solution For the Time-Being :

Push-Up Bra- Premiumly known as the "Breast Enhancer" Bra. They lift your boobs and make them grow fuller and if added with "PUSH-UP PADDED BRA" they can do wonders.
If you have a minimal breast size you should opt out for these always as in the long run they will make your breast grow large and fuller too.

Buy Push-Up padded bra from e-commerce sites

Deep Necklines Outfits or extremely HIGH-NECK- These kind of out-fits provide you with an illusion of the appropriate size making your outfit grab major attention. For high-necks, They will make the breast part hide providing it a curvy look due to the long straight tuning.

The Detailed Neck-Lines Outfit

Bold Colors and Patterns- Wear bold and bright colors and prints on the top. Keep your lowers subdued. If you invert this detail, it will make your breasts look smaller!

Use a BRUSH- If you want to wear cleavage revealing clothes, make use of make up!! Use darker shade of foundation to make your breasts appear fuller and bigger. They will sound as protruding out and will frame in the sexy category.
Use a brush for making Book fuller

Before you go for any natural way of treatment or surpass your ways to surgical ones, opt the option out of BREAST ACTIVES. Start taking them with the proper diet schedule and exercises. For detailed info, Check out and go for >> C Cup Code

All the detailed secret about the exact bust techniques >> Check out the C-Cup Code.

Some Natural Ways to Increase Breast Size

1. Do Massage to get your Bust Prefect: Massage is an age old technique and remedy for those who experience underdeveloped or deformed breasts. In fact, this can prevent someone from experiencing underdeveloped breasts if started at an early age. 
Breast massage, if accompanied by some medicinal supplements and physical exercises can yield amazing results. For anything and everything related to the concerned topic, have a look below :

How to Perform Breast Massage to Increase Size:

Breast massage should be done daily for at least 30 minutes to get maximum results. There should be at least 100-200 circular strokes around the breasts running upwards. The main advantage of this method is that, you can do it whenever and want and has no side effects. This is an extremely simple method which any person can do. However, you should know the strokes and massaging patterns properly to ensure that you get maximum results.

You must realize that breast increase through massaging is a long term process and cannot be achieved overnight unlike breast implantation. One must be patient for getting the desired results.
The Appropriate Size

Massaging enables smooth distribution of hormones through improved blood circulation.

But before that, If you are a teenager or on the verge of completing it, I would suggest you to first read this Article >> How Teenagers Can Increase Breast Size following These Simple Tips and then do the proceedings. 

Tools you need for doing Breast Massage : 

You can make it without anything just from your palms but if you combine the Massage with the Breast Massage Cream and make it regular with Exercise, it will help you tremendously for a Perfect Breast Size. Here are the Best Creams you can use with it :

The Massages that Your Need to Increase Breast Size:

  • Fifteen minute of Gentle massage each day can help to regenerate your breast tissues by stimulating the glands and provide them with a proper shape. 
Massage not only helps the body to get rid of toxins which gets accumulated due to wearing bra for a prolonged period but also enables the natural flow of toxins which keeps your breasts in proper shape. (You should not wear Bra at night so that your muscles get proper rest and the balance of hormones is maintained.)
The correct strokes for massaging is important to know, otherwise the shape pertains to be irregular.

Have a Look at the video for knowing the proper way of doing self massage : (Video)

  • The female deer exercise : It is a breast enlargement massage known for its twofold benefits –

  1. Improves blood circulation in the breasts and make them capable of good lactation, when the time approaches.  
  2. Securing hormonal balances in the body. 
Female Deer Exercise [Source: Insights]

  • A warm massage : This massage improves the prolactin synthesis in the body which is triggered mainly through touch or during a sexual intercourse. This hormone (Prolactin) is required for breast cell production. 
[Ample Way to massage : Source mimitosdemama]

Although, There are many drugs to induce Prolactin secretion and make your breast grow in the desired size but nothing can be better than this natural way.
Always remember, after a certain point of time the body gets used to chemicals and they become similar regular routine ; Hence, leading to "no-effectiveness" of chemicals even after a high-dose too.
  • The brush technique : This can be taken up for massaging your breasts (Always remain, least advised). In this process, fat from other parts of the body are brushed and accumulated in the breast. Usually fat is collected from the belly, thighs, butts and other fatty parts of the body. It also has many additional benefits – it prevents the growth of carcinogenic cells, helps to achieve an admirable body among others.

If you want to pertain the maximum benefit of the breast-enlargement massage then ; combine the "self-massage" with Breast Actives, CLICK here!

2. Do exercise regularly

Some bust increasing exercise, I am suggesting you below :

  • Wall-Press: Stand facing a wall and place your feet on the floor and arms across the wall rigidly. Then slowly and steadily move yourself towards the wall with the help of your hands making your feet stay rigid. The same way as you do, push-up on the floor. 
    Wall Press
  • Arm Swings : There are 3 different kinds of arm swing you can perform. Choose the one which fits you the most and get that body going. 
Type 1- Arm Swing

Type 2- Arm Swing
Type 3- Arm Swing

You need to be conscious of your Diet too , it makes big changes and will lead to easy attainment of the same. As it is not natural so It is important for you to combine with BREAST ACTIVES and make them really perfect.


Check it out here : 9 foods to increase breast size naturally

All this is most prevailing and effective when combined with Breast Actives

The greatest advantage of breast massaging is that : It can be done on once's own without anybody's help and would still provide you with the best results.
Massaging does not involve any risks and even if the strokes go wrong, it would not cause any harm to the body.

However, this is a continuous process and not an instant result giver. So, It is never good to leave the process in-between. You need to be regular for a prolong time period. Though, If you want your breasts to look bigger and perfect in a minute's time just have a look the "Instant Solution" part of this article and follow the techniques :


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  3. Will it work for a mum who just stopped breastfeeding,and boob suddenly gets smaller and softer! Just no longer have self confidence in being naked.

  4. I have been using boobpop tool for a couple of weeks along with daily exercise! I see a difference in the firmness of my butt so far! I won't be going under the knife, so for me, this is the next best thing!


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