About Us

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A Girl Who Makes is an initiative straight from the heart for all things teenage, girly and womanly. We have faced same problems and the women we befriended and love did too. But the tips and state of the art solutions we provide are simple enough to adopt and effective sufficiently to solve your problems. This is what our mission is. We want to simplify everything you need for your healthy body and well-being.

Solving all your problems and making sure excellence is not up in the sky but within you. Cultivating great change takes time and effort, but with our tips and tricks you can hack and make the life you want to live.

Living your potential is one thing but becoming what no one thought you would- that’s disrupting and we believe all girls are capable of that.


We are a small team of creative and research backed folks, funded by Magic Ranks Network. We review items after using them thoroughly and not everything we try and test it to the final list. We do not seek to compete with anyone. We are just trying to be your personal best friend who is thorough and trust-worthy. Any advice and tip, you can count on us anytime and every time.

Just in case you are wondering how you can be a part of this incredible journey, we are looking for applicants for contributing writers. All STEM graduate students are eligible for application, and it comes with a reward too. Top 3 winners will get A Girl Who Makes STEM Scholarship worth $1500.