Skip the Surgery: Try These 4 Natural Methods to Increase Breast Size

Surgery is a popular option for women looking to add a cup size or three to their chest. While this option may seem like the only one, there are additional methods to increase breast size naturally.
Rather than spending weeks recovering from a risky procedure, you can incorporate natural methods into your daily routine to get the larger chest you desire.


Eat a Fat-Healthy Diet

Certain fats are important to your daily diet. These monounsaturated fats are healthy for your body and include Omega-3 fatty acids that improve overall health. While saturated fats tend to head to your hips and stomach, healthy fats will make their way to your chest. Avocado, nuts, and fish are all ideal sources for breast enlargement.

BRAVA Breast Enhancement and Shaping System

Growing better breast tissue is now supposedly possible with the BRAVA Breast Enhancement and Shaping System.
The system utilizes a “Smart Box” device that pumps air out as the breasts are sucked into it. The motion activates the nerves and causes tissue to grow. Up to one cup size can be accomplished with this method, and the results are long-lasting. The lead clinical investigator, Dr. Thomas Baker, followed the study subjects for up to 18 months, and the results remained.

Cleavage Contouring

 Rather than actually making your breasts larger, you can simply give them the appearance of being so. With cleavage contouring, your chest will appear more rounded. A shimmering bronzer should be applied first, as it catches the light and creates the appearance of a larger depth between breasts.
The “V” shape of your cleavage needs all the focus. You should use bronzer, starting at the bottom of the V, directly between the breasts. Make your way up your chest with a fan brush. A matte face powder that’s one shade darker than your actual skin tone should be applied to the outside lines of the V for the optimal effect.

Include Estrogen-Rich Foods in Your Diet

Women’s bodies typically create an abundance of estrogen. Those with a depleted amount can eat estrogen-rich foods to help increase their supply. This hormone is known as the female sex hormone, and it can help increase breast tissue. Foods like squash, pumpkin, garlic, and split peas should be eaten. Foods that contain testosterone, the male sex hormone, should be avoided. They can decrease breast tissue. White rice, baked goods, chips, and crackers should be avoided as much as possible.
While surgery is a faster option for improving breast size, it is not an ideal method for doing so. It is often painful procedure that takes weeks to recover from. By utilizing these natural methods, you can safely enhance the size of your chest while maintaining a healthy appearance. Estrogen-rich foods
and healthy fats help prepare your body for the changes while the enhancement and shaping system increases your size. To enhance the appearance, the cleavage contouring system can be applied. These natural options can be used as long as you see fit, and you can stop whenever you have reached your desired shape and breast size.

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