To Lose Those Chains of 36DD Bra

As Karl Marx would have said, had he ever had to entomb his tatas on a hot summer’s day: You have nothing to lose but the chains of your 36DD bra.
From the time of getting weird reactions on “a woman’s boobs that too if perfect and curvy” to this era of watching the Star-Cast making a statement of the same. All a woman can think is Loosing those 36DD is a cramp in mid or perfect for the look and hook as well.

If you have been in those shoes of wearing something that cramps your breasts all the way on the name of support and don’t even let you breathe, you can clearly feel the comfort level you attain parting them away at the time of evening or night. Well, This is what a common question having a constant running out through the brain can make us think to the verge of.

Though, Going braless outcasts the environment in professional sphere but in some cases make them as well if you GO BRALESS WITH YOUR MIND On about what to wear and how! Besides, Nip*le and Breasts being common in men and woman the woman’s breast has been marked the same Grade as the Genitals by the censor board because of the craving they provide in making love or having sex.

The Cup-Clusion

Some facts which you have not been through yet and The research and studies are determining huge facts about wearing Bra which is making it go on the Limit side of the same are:
1. According to some research Excessive use of Bra leads to Breast Cancer.
2. Moreover, Wearing Bra for long can result in sagging of Breasts.
3. More usage of Push-up’s can result in blockage of Proper Shape development in the growing Years.
Besides of the fact that they can lead to so much of bad with proven result by the Research turm-oil, still when a woman goes Braless, The stares and looks she receives from the people around [specially Men from old to young is unbearable] makes her shrug arms around the breast and run away. Making your nipples go visible surely indicates nothing more than A BANGING WARDROBE MALFUNCTION.
Inspite of the research proved and women being aware this fact still remains unacceptable by the society and the women section still needs to travel in the shoes of “Wearing cautious size bra game” forever.

Why still going Braless makes Sense?

Because of the above stated harms and prolonged effect you cannot ignore the suffocation they provide you in the day time for staying in them always! It is never so comfortable neither makes sense,
The trend of going bra-less was fired shot by Rihanna and Kim who were seen in public showing their Breast as well the crippling of nipples by side too. The celebrity also became a hot topic at that time and the news busted up but the decision is purely on you! What you are willing to do.
Every year new obligations are passed about this thing mainly from the censor-board as well as the population from the social media but IT IS PURELY A WOMAN’S CHOICE WHETHER SHE WANTS TO GO BRA-LESS OR NOT!

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