21 Day Fix Review – Everything you Need to Know


21 day fix Review: Giving a target date to the fitness plan makes it more effective, and the results are great rather than simply following the fitness regime.

A nutrition plan for great results

Diet or the eating pattern is a primary factor for any weight related issue. Our body can gain or lose weight with modification in the diet is a known fact. Sometimes, claims are made that this particular diet will bring humongous change in your body if we follow it religiously for a couple of weeks. We succumb to the idea as most of us want quick, fast and effective results in the shortest span of time.

But no way can eat only veggies or be munching health bars will bring in the results. A good and intelligent combination of nutritional diet plan is the key to great results. The contribution of diet to the weight loss program is estimated to 71%, so we need to carve out an effective and feasible diet plan.

Well, to control or depriving your taste buds for long do invite cheat days and the strongest of the will power do fall apart. Small things start bothering too much as the deprivation brings in mood swings.  After all, eating is one of the basic pleasures of life. Who can disagree the divine pleasure of having French fries, ice cream or fried chicken wings in their mouth melting its way to the stomach?

Well, we can check for the 21-day diet plan and find out how it is going to help us to shed the extra pounds. Available at Amazon.com this plan will give a new dimension to the weight loss plan. It is rather focused on organizing in simple steps without creating a havoc in your routine. The 21 day meal plan has a variety of colored containers and they differ in sizes for a required proportion of food.

21 day fix reviews

The sizes keep a tab on the portion of food you eat, and the color coding is for the kind of food. So you are saved from the treacherous job of measuring your food portions consistently. All you need is to first calculate your required calorie intake for the day and then select the kind of food for you.

The color coding is also for a purpose. It differentiates between the categories of food. So you are relieved of calculating and deciding the ingredients while cooking and preparing your meals. Also, you do follow meticulously the Calorie count.

To calculate your required calorie is the next step. It will be done with the number of containers stipulated for the day. We have explained it below the simplest and the efficient way to weight loss where there is no room for errors.

The containers marked with sizes and colors

1 container for veggies which is signified by the green color of it.

1 container for fruits which is purple

1 container for proteins which is red.

1 container for carbs which is yellow.

1 container of cheese, healthy fats which are blue.

Two containers for seeds and dressings which are orange in color.

1 cup for shakeology drinks and shakes.

The containers mentioned above are of different sizes as they need to be filled with the recommended food options. These seven containers make things way simpler and easier to manage the sensible diet program. The size, kind and color are decided upon the calorie requirement of the individual.

The best place to buy the 21 day diet program containers

Amazon is the best place to look for the containers. However, you need to buy them separately from the online site. But the best way is to pick them from the Beachbody.com. Since the plan is the brainchild of the company, thus they are very specific of the size, color, and other nuances. The measurements are perfect so no tampering with the diet plan.

21 day fix

The Beachbody has the Portion Fix plan which has all the colored containers accompanied by the Shaker cup and the guide as well. All the things together as a package are available at Amazon.com.

Is it necessary to buy it from us?

The 21 Day Fix plan has followed the uniformity and followed strict official sizes to measure the accurate proportions. They are just absolutely perfect; the containers are BPA and DEHP free so they can be used in a microwave as well. Maintenance is also easy since they are dishwasher friendly. You will only get the containers without the food guide or recommendation from the official Beachbody site.

Begin your calorie intake count once you are ready with the containers, so that you know the actual way to start the plan. This way you will be aware of the numbers of containers you will need every day.

The way to determine the calorie intake

It is the simple way to calculate your calorie intake. All you need is first to measure your existing weight first. Then multiply it by 11. This will give you the required baseline or starting point.

Now, with the baseline, you can add 400 which the must calorie count that needs to be burned. The result is your calorie need.

With this figure or your calorie need delete 750. This gives you the target calories which you need to burn.

Let’s understand it in simpler way

  • The current weight of Jane is 146 pounds.
  • So 146 pounds is multiplied by 11 = 1606 ( starting point)
  • 1606 ( the starting point) added with 400 = 2006 ( the required calorie)
  • 2006 reduced by 750= 1256 ( the objective calories)
  • Hence the calorie aimed at is 1256

The 21 Day program aims at fixed nutrition, so you need to know the exact numbers of each container with their respective color coding for every day.

Refer the method for calculating your target calories.

Now, with the target calories begin the 21-day diet plan. The 21 Day plan has 4 kinds of calorie series that helps in fixing the daily diet schedule.

PS: make sure that if the calories targeted is below 1200, then you need to fix the 1200 target, else if it is above 2300, yet you need to go for 2300 target calories. The beauty of the plan is that you need not keep a tab on the weight of the food you are eating. No more hustling the grams and ounces, instead just the containers of food is what you need to refill every day and consume it.

Also, you can take the liberty of organizing the containers you are going to eat first. No more boring schedules of meals, have them as per your choice.

Plan your favorite meal be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can schedule the timing and the recipes as per the ingredients. Ideally, it is good to have three meals a day but in between have few snacks as well. This ensures that the hunger pangs are in control and so you do not end up gobbling mindlessly. So make 2-3 snacks in between meals.

Keep yourself hydrated. It will flush out the toxins as well as reduce the appetite. So in between meals and snacks, drinking water is recommended. Also if you want to indulge a bit more and need the energy level high then trying sipping tea or coffee. Both are good energy boosters and keep you moving when you feel low with the less amount of calorie intake.

If still the hunger pangs bother you then our expert Autumn Calabrese advice that you can include an extra green container of veggies for consumption.

The list for grocery shopping

With a number of calories intake you know by now, there is the now the job to find the product to fill the containers wisely. Well, with so many options for the calorie count stick to those items which you like the most. E.g., if you love cabbage then no need to compromise with broccoli.

Even for 21 days, you need to have tasty meals, why deprive yourself? Studies have proved that tasty food is the key to the positive mind. The energy rush you need for a successful day comes from the food you enjoy throughout the day.

One more important pointer- always pick the fresh and seasonal fruit or veggies. The reason being the seasonal produce has the maximum nutrients and are way healthier than products laced with preservatives. Good for your health and eating habits is to develop the taste of the local grown edibles.

Let’s summarize the color coding for the 21-day plan

Every color signifies a kind of food

  • Green symbolizes veggies
  • Red symbolizes proteins
  • Purple signifies fruits
  • Blue is for your diary and nuts
  • Grey means oils and fat
  • Yellow means carbohydrates
  • Orange is meant for  fats and seeds

The home task of checking the shopping list before heading for shopping

We all do this for normal shopping as well, for the simple reason that we end up buying the useless stuff if we go unprepared. Also, we forget what we actually went out for shopping.

Try to fill up yourself before leaving for the buying spree. As the piles of sinful goodies stacked in the rows of the supermarket may make the strongest of the willpower sway.

Keep a small homework done of how are you going to fill the containers with the food products required for each of them. Make a list will keep you at peace while picking the stuff. You will not end up raking your brain in front of the huge display at the mart.

Your day’s need should be at your fingertips. Instead keep room for options as well since we remember things when we see them. For example for veggies container add all the veggies you like the most, but at the store, if find your forgotten okra and you want to have it then go ahead and pick it.

Try to do it for a couple of days initially, later you can fix it for the weekly schedule. Some find it therapeutic to go for daily shopping, so if you enjoy the daily visits then go ahead. At least you know what you are going to have for the day.

The 21-day schedule design

Well, technically you can call it a calendar, where you have all the 5 days or the weekly plan of all the meals. The three main meals with the two in between snacks can be planned in advance. A better idea is to stick it somewhere in the kitchen where you are sure you are not going to miss it. Well, try the fridge door. The schedule will not only help you in getting prepared mentally for the upcoming meals but also the grocery list can be made easily.

The schedule for the accurate calorie target of 1200

As calculated if the requirement of an individual’s calorie need is 1200 and he does not want to include shakeology in this planner, then the calendar can be designed in the link mentioned here.

This is a general idea how to create your own planner with the ideas and preferences of the food you like. Try to include as many recipes you like and enjoy. This will keep your motivation level high. Also, you will not feel deprived or not miss anything in your meals.

The link for the meal template is also provided. This will enable you to just fill up the columns and start the program quickly. 

Schedule for the 1500 calorie target

It will be similar to the template provided above. All you need is to add the few more thing to it.

One extra green veggies container- here you can add a fresh green salad for the morning snack. If you wish you can have it in the afternoon as well.

One extra purple container- no harm in adding one more fruit to the plan for snack during the breakfast or morning time.

1 yellow extra container- you need an extra portion of carbs at this point so include a bowl of cereal for supper or snacking for the day.

Scheduler for the 1800 calorie target

Again the aim is to keep you free of the strict rules. You can add on items according to your choices and preferences. We know it is the human psychology to crave for food once they are re4stricted. So we do not want you to suffer. Well, you can add up more supplements in the total number of 3 main meals and 2 snacks.

Following the basic scheduler, add the following to the planner.

2 extra green containers – you can fill it up with zucchini, peas, cauliflower and so on.

1 extra purple container- an extra fruit for the snacking time. It is flexible to have it in the day or evening.

1 extra red container- if you are a Greek yoghurt fan or like ricotta cheese after your dinner then indulge yourself.

1 extra yellow container- take the liberty to add pancakes, Cole slaws and sandwiches for the afternoon munching.

Planner for the target of calorie 2300

This one is more of a picnic kind. You can include more snack before dinner or after supper. Also if at the certain particular time you are hungry then you can have a snack at that time. You need not suppress your hunger with an extra glass of water or so. Relish the extra snack in the planner. Well for this again you can include our meal planner schedule.

3 extra green containers- you can have them at any point of the time in the day

2 extra purple containers filled with fruit for before or after meals. Generally, people prefer them after meals as they kind of serve as a sweet dish as well.

2 red containers- you need protein in your diet, so pick from the poultry or sprouts. It’s your pick completely.

3 extra yellow containers- enjoy your crusty bread, waffles or tacos if you are a fan of a variety of food.

Ideas for the creative mind for the 21 day fix meal

The Fixate cook book says it all. The recipe booklet which has the vast library of 101 recipes which are diet friendly. We have checked thoroughly for every recipe and you can include it in your meal plan.  The author Autumn Calabrese is a well-known chef in the health food market.

The portions included are all checked for the diet plan and so you need not worry for the proportions. Even the taste is not compromised due to the restrictions. The vegan-friendly cookbook gives a variety of options to the vegetarians, Paleo as well. If you have gluten intolerance then you will surely find something for yourself as well.

The author has served her food loving family and so she knows about the cravings and demands of the different age groups as well. The kids to have a section for their choice as well.

Well, I have here included a few sample recipes so that you get an idea of what you can do with the recipes. Well, you can download it for free as well by clicking the link get yours for free here.

The breakfast recipes- it a good idea to begin your day with proteins and an extra dash of fruit.

The snack recipes- well, you need to check the recipes for snacks very carefully. This the most viable trap to consume sinful goodies.

The Lunch recipes – include all the maximum nutrients in this meal. Include protein, veggies and also carbohydrate as well.

The Dinner recipes- well, be strict with the carbs, they are a strict no in the last meal of the day. Have proteins and an additional serving of veggies in this meal.

The dessert recipes- No point is depriving you with the sweet dose of the day. Check the low-calorie recipes and keep the sweetness quotient in your meal and life as well.

The stages to plan the 21 day meals

There are 6 cool steps to plan the 21 days meal plan. Every individual has different schedule and lifestyle. So for some cooking, every day is not a feasible option. For those who go to the office every day or do not much time on hand for cooking lunch every day, the 21 day is definitely going to be hampered.  

The busy souls have the habit to grab anything which is available nearby so the calorie count goes for a toss. So now instead of compromising on the diet plan, a few amendments will make things work.

Want you can do is to cook the meals, especially the lunches in advance to avoid the compromise situation. The ingredients and the products can be fixed as per the calorie requirement.

How and when to plan the action?

Check for the most flexible hours in your planner. The universal Sunday is the day which suits most of the office goers who want to cook. So if it is the same for you, the cook all your meals for the week in one go. Sunday afternoon is the mo0st peaceful time of the day for the job. Some have flexible hours in the week as well. So stick to your comfort and plan accordingly. You can download the meal plan scheduler and cook accordingly.  

1st stage – the selection process

Choose the recipes you want to prepare. Mind it these is for one full week. So think of your personal preferences and cravings.

2nd stage – the shopping list

Check the list or rather prepare a new one for every week. Make sure you have included every ingredient you will need.

3rd stage- the supermarket selection

Do not overdo things. You should avoid indulging to buy endless nitty gritties. They just add the pressure to your wallet and nothing else. Stick to your requirement.

4th stage- the action time COOKING

Check the recipes section and follow it religiously. You cannot compromise on the quantity and the ingredients. Remember you are cooking with a purpose to lose weight. The 21 Day Fix containers need to be utilized for the measuring purpose.

5th stage

After cooking is over store it carefully. Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid the quantity of 24 pieces, is available at Amazon.com. So invest extra bucks for safely tucking away your meals in your fridge for the coming days in the week.

6th stage- no room for forgetting your lunch box

Some of have to do multitasking and in that spree, before stepping out we miss a few important things. the This should not be the case in 21-day meal plan. So set an alarm or timers to remind you of the tag the lunch box with you in your workspace.

Benefits of the 21 day meal plan

This multi benefit method of cooking meals in advance will surely help you in the following ways.

Save money- this is the best and economical way to save extra bucks. No more paying restaurant bills for meals.

Cut calories- the unwanted calories in fast and junk food is reduced by this method.

Good bye to processed food- sodium is high in this preservative laced food. So no more processed food if you cook your meal. You include healthy fiber in your diet with the cooked meals from home.

The weight loss is confirmed- if you developed good food habits, then surely your weight issues will be under control.

The eating habits are good- in the long run, even after the 21-day plan ends, you should stick to the healthy food habits. You can be sure of your shape and weight if you continue the healthy habit of having home cooked food.

Shakeology challenged

Well, it the now the most popular alternative health drink for meal replacement. The results are awesome and mind blowing. The meal alternative plan

It’s impossible to argue with the success or popularity of Shakeology.

Far and away one of the most effective weight-loss solutions on the planet today, Shakeology takes advantage of everything we now know about nutrition and a healthy eating lifestyle and condenses it into super simple to make – and absolutely delicious to eat – healthy shakes.

So much more than a meal replacement solution, Shakeology is a lifestyle change that can help you achieve the body of your dreams.



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