{Recommended} Best Trail Running Shoes Under All Budgets – Review


One of the most interesting aspects about running is the minimum amount of requirements that you are required to have when you get started. Running does not require you to purchase an expensive uniform or even ties. All you are expected to have when running is appropriate clothing according to the weather and shoes that fit perfectly.

Trail Running Shoes

As most people describe it, running is an inexpensive technique that enables you to stay in perfect shape. Getting a fitting pair of running shoes will enable you to protect your feet from injuries and you will be able to achieve your goals. But what most people do not know is that running shoes can be quite expensive at times. This is especially for the fact that you need to replace your shoes after every three hundred miles. However, thanks to the online marketing, you can find very many types of shoes that are affordable to any budget.

Therefore, below is a complete review of the best trail running shoes according to their budgets.

The top most pick overall is:

Brooks Adrenaline ASR 12 under the budget of over 200 dollars

It is no surprise that Brooks specializes in this type of gears because they qualify as one of the most perfect sneakers. These trail running shoes provide maximum stability, are quite responsive and offer comfort through the form of various patented technologies. They are a bit light in weight and in overall they weigh 3 lbs. Though they are not the lightest on the market, this is compensated with the originally researched design and technology.


  • It is among the best running shoes for people who have wide feet
  • It is light, thus reducing the chances of feeling fatigued
  • It is well designed and is very attractive in appearance
  • Good traction


  • Foot spillage
  • Offers insufficient foot protection

Brooks Adrenaline ASR 12— conclusion

Although this footwear provides a lot of comfort, most runners do not give it a good rating because most of them complain that they cannot run in them down a hilly place or in rocky trails. But these shoes are recommended for people who run on flat places only.

Trail running shoes that are in the budget bracket of $150 to $100 dollars

Merrell Vapor Glove 2 for $120—our verdict and the features

For those runners who have all their heart in the belief of barefoot running, then this company has absolutely granted your desire. Merrell Vapor Glove 2 provides a simple design which features a zero drop platform. This platform is a heel and toes that stand at exactly the same level. It weighs 11 ounces and has a lug that provides a 2mm deepness. The outer sole is made of a very unique material that is known as Vibram. This material is very sticky therefore making it appropriate for off-road tracks. It has no lugs beneath the arch thus enabling natural flexibility of the shoes.

These trail running shoes boast a footbed that is incorporated and a mesh air fabric lining that is breathable. One impressive quality about Merrell Vapor Glove 2 is that it can only be treated using the M select Fresh for adjusting the odor in the shoes. The cleaning process is very simple because all you need is to use cold water and a gentle cycle. After washing it, you can just put it out under the sun.

It is designed in a way that it can offer maximum comfort regardless of the climate condition. It fits perfectly in that it follows the shape of the feet of the runner wearing it. It also gives the feet the feeling that is described as barefoot. When these shoes were first released they immediately got elected as the most simple but good quality shoes. It has made a lot of improvements and it’s truly a great successor. These shoes are priced at 120 dollars.


  • Has a zero drop platform
  • Offers maximum comfort
  • Can adjust odors that are released by the feet


  • It requires a lot of patience and being keen during cleaning
  • They are not for runners who go for long hours

Merrell Vapor Glove 2— conclusion

Generally this is a good shoe for those runners who have placed a belief on the principle of barefoot running. It has a zero drop platform which gives it an added advantage because the runner gets to enjoy the comfort that they get from wearing them. They require the runner to be very cautious when treating and washing them because they have their own ingredients that you have to use. It will not be of much importance for those runners who take running seriously and go for long hours.

Salomon Men’s SpeedCross 3 Trail Running Shoe at $130—our verdict and features

These trail running shoes has been designed in a way that they are always ready to race the minute you get them from the shop. This is because, with these shoes, you do not need to take a number of days full of pain and torture in order for your feet to get used to wearing these shoes. They are well designed to provide comfort to the runner without producing any pain such as blisters.

They are versatile and are regarded so highly in terms of the design. In the upper section, it has a mesh that enables the runner to adjust to warm or cool depending on the temperature. These shoes are tough and can withstand any amount of adjacent force stresses that the runner is likely to experience during vigorous training. With it having the triad of Mud and Snow Contragrip, the runner is absolutely sure that they have the best training companion for a long period of time. This is priced at around 130 dollars.


  • It is tough and can withstand any external pressure during training
  • It fits perfectly in the feet and it has fabric that prevents blisters or any type of sores


  • It is a bit heavy weightier

Salomon Men’s SpeedCross 3—conclusion

For these shoes I can say that they are among the best shoes to be used when there is an emergency. For example if a runner is going to compete and they feel that the shoes that they have is a bit worn out, then this is the most perfect pick. This is because it does not form any kind of pain on the legs or even blisters. It falls in to perfect shape according to the runners’ feet and can withstand any pressure that the runner may experience during practice.

Altra Lone Peak 1.5 at 115 dollars—our verdict and features

Also described as the best all day shoe, the founders of Altra have proven to produce good quality shoes. This updated version of Altra Lone Peak 1.5 was designed with very special creativity. It features a beefy sole that enables it to have a strong grip while running and has an air mesh fabric that provides excellent breathability. It has a weight limit of around 10ounces. These shoes can be used for the whole day activity. It is priced at 115 dollars only.


  • It is versatile
  • Has an excellent breathability


  • It has a heavy sole that is described as beefy

Altra Lone Peak 1.5 —conclusion

Thanks to Altra people can now wear a sport shoe throughout the day. This shoe is great for those people who have a passion for fashion as they can wear it in various occasions apart from trail running. Though it is a bit heavy, but it is still very stylish.

Best Trail running shoes that are under the budget of below $100

La Sportiva Helios at $90—our verdict and features

As the name suggests these shoes are best for shorter distance runners. This is one of the trail running shoes that you should never mistake for light in weight even if it is stated to weigh 8.1 ounces. La Sportiva Helios is among the perfect shoes that can withstand any training, be it short-tempo runs to full-blown trail half marathons. It features a toe and heel caps that protect the runner as they train on the roof rails and even over the lugged sole sticks to even the hardest parts. And the runner can proceed to turn the speed up to eleven. It is priced at approximately 90 dollars.


  • It can be used for training on any type of rails
  • It has a toe and heel cap that offers protection to the runner as they train


  • It is considered to be one of the heaviest sport shoes
  • Does not have an air mesh for air circulation
  • It is mostly for short distances only

La Sportiva Helios—conclusion

Just like the name suggests this is the type of shoes that has style. It is great because it can take in any training that is from short-tempo to full-blown trail half marathons. Therefore this makes these shoes versatile as it can be used for different practices. A disappointing thing about them is that they are a bit heavy on the runners’ feet.

ADIDAS Climawarm Blast at 75 dollars— our verdict and features

The ADIDAS Climawarm Blast is one of the recommended shoes for running because it has the capability of flexing with your feet when you are running. It features a conspicuous sole and is a bit chunky and therefore you can obviously expect maximum stability when running in these shoes. With a very low budget of approximately 70 dollars, ADIDAS Climawarm Blast is a lightweight, flexible running shoe that flexes with your feet as you run. With chunkier, more prominent sole, you can expect maximum stability with the Climawarm Blast.

At approximately $70, it is designed for runners who enjoy running in the heat, the cold or a combination of the two. This shoe is made of a breathable, mesh fabric that responds to the temperature. You can keep your feet warm when you need it and cool them down when you need the weather warms up. This shoe may be right for you if you live in a climate where there are very distinct seasons.


  • It has a breathable mesh fabric that keeps the feet warm or cool depending on the climate
  • It can easily flex to the runner’s feet


  • It is a bit heavy due to the chunky sole

ADIDAS Climawarm Blast—conclusion

This is one of the most unique shoes that can flex with your feet while running. It is quite budget-friendly and offers features that are of great quality. You do not have to worry about bad odor when wearing these shoes because it has a breathable air mesh fabric.

ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 trail Running Shoe at $50—our verdict and features

These shoes can be worn even during the whole day as the casual wear because of the comfort that it offers. It is much more inexpensive and has sold anywhere from 50 dollars. It is cheap does not necessarily mean that is a low quality product. It features an inner sole and sock liner that is removable in order to enable the runner to change them or even for the medical orthotics.

It also boasts an outer sole that appears quite rugged, making it perfect for a number of outdoor trails. The main parts of the outer sole are made with a unique AHAR rubber that does not wear out that easily. This shoe has received a lot of praises from the people who have used it. Most remarks were in the comfort that the shoe provides the runner and most people have admitted to wearing them even when they are just around the house because it is very comfortable. It is durable and can go up to over 6 miles in a single day.


  • It is durable and can run for long distances in a single day
  • Offers the runner maximum comfort
  • Has great reviews


  • The design is not striking at first sight

ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5—conclusion

These shoes boast a unique design on the outer sole. It is quite cheap but at the same time it comes in handy with a lot of features that make it a good shoe to be used for trail running. For those looking to bargain then this is the best choice.

New Balance Men’s MT410V4 trail running shoes—our verdict and features

The company that manufactures new balance has always been described as the perfect alternative for Nike and Adidas because it is way more affordable than these two branches. These shoes cost only 32 dollars. The prices depend on the design and quality, but come in handy with a lot of great features. It boasts an outer sole that can withstand any type of outside terrain. It also has special foam and a foot bed in the midsole and a rear heel pull that enables the runner when removing the shoes.

For those who have used them, they have rated it as one of the comfortable and very affordable shoes. The treads also perform well and there are no reports of a runner experiencing any slippage. These shoes offer a very strong grip and are very stable. If you have a limited budget, then these shoes offer you one of the best offers. You can buy it at a cheap price and still use it to run on trails and use it as a casual wear during a normal day at work. It weighs light in weight and a single pair ten ounces. This is the kind of weight that any trail runner can be very comfortable in.


  • It is quite affordable
  • Offers comfort and has a strong grip
  • Very stable


  • It can feel a little heavy for those who want to use it as a casual wear.

New Balance Men’s MT410V4—conclusion

This qualifies as one of the cheapest shoe in the market. For only 32 dollars you get to have a good quality shoe that can offer comfort and flexibility while running. This is for those who generally do not like to spend most of their money on shoes.

Wrap up

The most important factor when purchasing your running shoes is that it should fit perfectly. All the other issues such as the color should come in at the second place. If the shoe does not fit you perfectly, you may end up with black toenails or even blisters. Therefore, make sure that you choose the shoe that fits you perfectly and you do not feel tight anywhere. For those who purchase shoes online, it is best if you choose two sizes that you think might fit you well then go for it.


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