Rowing Machines Resistance Types and Which suits you Best?


The type of rowing machine is a fact that is very important for some while it is not as significant for others. It is generally important for those people who are professional rowers or athletes who need to train a particular muscle group by rowing. For them, it has to be very specifically determined about which type of rower to take on. However, for amateur people who are more interested, I’m just taking care of their physique any rower will do the job.

There are 4 different kinds of rowing machines all differing on the type of resistance that they offer. There are water resistance rowing machines, air resistance, hydraulic/piston resistance, and those with magnetic resistance.

Magnetic Rowing Machines



The magnetic rowing machines are the most popular because they come at a reasonable price, are quiet, and also very mobile and portable. As is quite evident, they use magnets in order to increase and decrease resistance and is quite lucid in functioning. If you are flying from one city to another on a regular basis, then this is the perfect machine for you as most compact and foldable rowing machines are of the magnetic type. It is also the best choice for people who lives in small spaces because of the machine’s compactness.

Hydraulic Rowers

Hydraulic rowing machine

Hydraulic rowers are the cheapest of all the four groups and then to be small in size. They are quiet, but they do not import the smoothness and fluidity that the other 3 provide to the user. The resistance of this machine is, however, on the greater side and therefore, it promises a very good workout and also offers a very cheap alternative. If you are the one gunning for medals of some sort, then this is not the right machine for you.

Air Rowing Machines


Air rowing machines are the relatively inexpensive ones in this group. They generate resistance that a fan/flywheel creates. Most of these machines also have a button on of which enables users to adjust the level of resistance. An advantage of this machine is that it produces a nice breeze along with the exercise and disadvantages that the flywheel makes some noise. So if you are the one who likes some noisy feedback as the proof of an intensive workout, then this is the one for you, and if you are one of those who want a silent workout, then you better opt out of it.

Water Rowers

water-rowing machines

Water Rowing Machines


A water rowing machine is one where users exert force in a position to the resistance offered by water. This generally come with large tanks of water with paddles in them which the users have to move. They generate a feeling of rowing in water which is quite pleasant and they also create a soft sound thus enhancing the peaceful experience while exercising. The drag created by water on the pedals make uses exert extra force, a feature which is liked by some people and disliked by others. Water rowing machines are good, but the problem with them is that they are heavier than the other categories of machines because of the large amount of water they have to store.

Things to Consider before buying Rower –

  • A Display Monitor- The display is important because it tracks all the important statistics and data about how you have worked out and how much it is going to help you. Most machines have monitors which show the basic information like the calorie count, the workout time, strokes per minute, distance covered, and most importantly the heart rate. These are the primary stats which are displayed on most rowing machines. The expensive ones, however, come with more information like the pulse meter, split timing, pre-programmed workout schedules and many other such benefits. Some of the expensive rowing machines even come with backlit monitors.
  • Seat Rail Length- The next important consideration while getting an indoor rowing machine is the seat rail length and the user weight limit. These things appear trivial to most people but are very important too, especially in the case of users who are above the normal human body dimensions. Tall people generally have an issue with the seat rail length. Therefore, if you are taller than the average person, then you should carefully look into this as a short seat rail length might prevent you from getting good and appropriate exercise. The weight capacity of the machine is also a very important aspect because heavier users may find that a product is not as long lasting as it was advertised to be because the weight capacity is overshot every day.
  • Heart Rate Monitor- The heart rate monitor is also an often neglected component. The heart rate monitor is very important because this rate can be an important marker of how intense the exercise is. The higher the heart rate, the more intense the exercise and the higher number of calories burnt. Most machines do have this component as standard but there are some which do not. So first you must check whether a machine has the monitor and then go ahead and decide to buy it.
  • Guarantee and Warranty- The warranty is another thing that users often neglect and then realize later about the mistake when it is already too late. Most models offer a standard 5-year warranty, but there are some which have a much lesser warranty. If you want a long lasting product and 1 which does not burn a hole in your pocket due to service needs, then you should check out the warranty that is being offered as it also is a proof of how long the manufacturers think the machine will last.
  • Portability and Weight- If you are a person who is on the move most of the time, then you should be considering buying a machine that is compact and portable. These machines are also very useful if you live in a small home with space is a concern. Magnetic variants of the indoor rowing machines are most likely to be compact and as mobile as you want them to be. So check out that feature.

That should necessarily be the checklist which you can consult before going and buying your own indoor rowing machine. I would like to end this article with some benefits that rowing attributes to the human body so that you get an extra dose of motivation to buy it and work your way to great health.

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