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Skip the Surgery: Try These 4 Natural Methods to Increase Breast Size

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Surgery is a popular option for women looking to add a cup size or three to their chest. While this option may seem like the only one, there are actually additional methods to increase breast size naturally. Rather than spending weeks recovering from a risky procedure, you can incorporate natural methods into your daily routine to get the larger chest you desire. 


Eat a Fat-Healthy Diet

Certain fats are important to your daily diet. These monounsaturated fats are healthy for your body and include Omega-3 fatty acids that improve overall health. While saturated fats tend to head to your hips and stomach, healthy fats will make their way to your chest. Avocado, nuts, and fish are all ideal sources for breast enlargement

BRAVA Breast Enhancement and Shaping System

Growing better breast tissue is now supposedly possiblewith the BRAVA Breast Enhancement and Shaping System. The system utilizes a "Smart Box" device that pumps air out as the breasts are sucked into it. The motion activates the nerves and causes tissue to grow. Up to one cup size can be accomplished with this method, and the results are long-lasting. The lead clinical investigator, Dr. Thomas Baker, followed the study subjects for up to 18 months, and the results remained. 

Cleavage Contouring

Rather than actually making your breasts larger, you can simply give them the appearance of being so. With cleavage contouring, your chest will appear more rounded. A shimmering bronzer should be applied first, as it catches the light and creates the appearance of a larger depth between breasts. 
The "V" shape of your cleavage needs all the focus. You should use bronzer, starting at the bottom of the V, directly between the breasts. Make your way up your chest with a fan brush. A matte face powder that's one shade darker than your actual skin tone should be applied to the outside lines of the V for the optimal effect. 

Include Estrogen-Rich Foods in Your Diet

Women's bodies typically create an abundance of estrogen. Those with a depleted amount can eat estrogen-rich foods to help increase their supply. This hormone is known as the female sex hormone, and it can help increase breast tissue. Foods like squash, pumpkin, garlic, and split peas should be eaten. Foods that contain testosterone, the male sex hormone, should be avoided. They can decrease breast tissue. White rice, baked goods, chips, and crackers should be avoided as much as possible. 
While surgery is a faster option for improving breast size, it is not an ideal method for doing so. It is often a painful procedure that takes weeks to recover from. By utilizing these natural methods, you can safely enhance the size of your chest, while maintaining a healthy appearance. Estrogen-rich foods and healthy fats help prepare your body for the changes, while the enhancement and shaping system increases your size. To enhance the appearance, the cleavage contouring system can be applied. These natural options can be used as long as you see fit, and you can stop whenever you have reached your desired shape and breast size. 

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To Lose Those Chains of 36DD Bra

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As Karl Marx would have said, had he ever had to entomb his tatas on a hot summer’s day: You have nothing to lose but the chains of your 36DD bra.

From the time of getting weird reactions on "a woman's boobs that too if perfect and curvy" to this era of watching the Star-Cast making a statement of the same. All a woman can think is Loosing those 36DD is a cramp in mid or perfect for the look and hook as well.

If you have been in those shoes of wearing something that cramps your breasts all the way on the name of support and don't even let you breathe, you can clearly feel the comfort level you attain parting them away at the time of evening or night. Well, This is what a common question having a constant running out through the brain can make us think to the verge of. 

Though, Going braless outcasts the environment in professional sphere but in some cases make them as well if you GO BRALESS WITH YOUR MIND On about what to wear and how! Besides, Nip*le and Breasts being common in men and woman the woman's breast has been marked the same Grade as the Genitals by the censor board because of the craving they provide in making love or having sex. 

The Cup-Clusion

Some facts which you have not been through yet and The research and studies are determining huge facts about wearing Bra which is making it go on the Limit side of the same are:

1. According to some research Excessive use of Bra leads to Breast Cancer.
2. Moreover, Wearing Bra for long can result in sagging of Breasts.
3. More usage of Push-up's can result in blockage of Proper Shape development in the growing Years.

Besides of the fact that they can lead to so much of bad with proven result by the Research turm-oil, still when a woman goes Braless, The stares and looks she receives from the people around [specially Men from old to young is unbearable] makes her shrug arms around the breast and run away. Making your nipples go visible surely indicates nothing more than A BANGING WARDROBE MALFUNCTION.

Inspite of the research proved and women being aware this fact still remains unacceptable by the society and the women section still needs to travel in the shoes of "Wearing cautious size bra game" forever. 

Why still going Braless makes Sense?

Because of the above stated harms and prolonged effect you cannot ignore the suffocation they provide you in the day time for staying in them always! It is never so comfortable neither makes sense,

The trend of going bra-less was fired shot by Rihanna and Kim who were seen in public showing their Breast as well the crippling of nipples by side too. The celebrity also became a hot topic at that time and the news busted up but the decision is purely on you! What you are willing to do.

Every year new obligations are passed about this thing mainly from the censor-board as well as the population from the social media but IT IS PURELY A WOMAN'S CHOICE WHETHER SHE WANTS TO GO BRA-LESS OR NOT

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9 Foods to Increase Breast Size Naturally - Breast Enlargement Nutrition Diet

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Are you looking for a proper diet and foods that can help you in getting the bigger and perfect bust - here are the 9 foods to increase boobs size fast. 

So, You all beautiful ladies out there? Are you aiming for a good and sizzling Breast Size and want your boobs to gain a perfect shape and become a full-appealing Breast like a properly developed lady? But Still Being a nature-Freak, Do you want the Boobs to gain shape and become perfect without Surgery or Exercise on the cost of the Food you eat and feed your soul with?

Well, Here we have arrived with the best knowledge after researching for a long time of the Foods that leads to Increase Breast Size naturally.

As soon as a girl hits puberty, her body starts developing and the organs/genitalia comes to full form and structure. The basic reason being, making her capable of Reproduction. So, By the time a girl reaches the age of 17 or 18, her breasts gets fully developed and gain proper and well shape. However, one must realize that these changes occur mainly due to some hormonal developments.

Small Breast Size

Why Breast Size does not Increase or gets De-Formed(Size)? 

Anything related to our body is in direct or indirect control of Hormones. Improper hormonal secretions may cause underdeveloped and deformed breasts – sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger or even leading to vary in size of both the Boobs.

Small breasts are a trouble for women. They not affect one's personality and beauty but also makes an impact in the Reproductive and Sex life of a Couple. The child however cannot Breast-Feed because of Less or No production of Milk, which is the best way for up-bringing and increasing Immunity. Combining them as the basic reasons why, Most women consider well shaped and fully developed breasts as an important component of beauty.

However, due to hormonal imbalances and other medical conditions, many women experience underdeveloped and deformed breasts. This is a symptom that can be cured, though, through certain surgical and non-surgical measures.

FACTS : Eating What Helps Breast to grow? 

Include Food In Your Regular Diet which is rich in Estrogen and Phytoestrogen :

Fruits : Apple, Cherries and Plums
Dry-Fruits : Almond and Cashew-Nuts
Vegetables : Beets, Carrots and Cucumber
Grains : Barley, Rice and Wheat
Seeds : Flax Seed, Sunflower Seeds and Fennel Seeds
Herbs : Garlic, Parsley
Spices : Clover, Cumin 

Soya-Bean Sprouts, Winter-Squash, Green Beans and Collards
Dried Prunes, Strawberry, Rasp-Berry and Watermelon
Red Wine, Green Tea, White Wine and Black Tea
Pistachios and Walnuts
Eat Stomach-Full of Healthy and Raw Fruits and Vegetables. 

Rely on Anise Seeds and Soy Products 

You can combine Diet with Massage at home to get astounding Results : How to increase breast size with massage

There are certain foods that allow enlargement of breasts naturally and some among them, we have cited below:
  1. Dong Quai Root : It is considered to be the ultimate tonic for restoring the hormonal balance in the body. It not only leads to the enlargement of breasts but also is very effective for preventing diseases. Remember, Breast are the most sensitive part of women. 
  2. Red clover : It is yet another repository of calcium, chromium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamin C. This is also a very rich source of isoflavones which is a hormone stimulator and is very effective for breast enlargement.
  3. Fenugreek seed : The extract of the smae accelerates the development of mammary gland due to its rich content of phytoestrogens. Fenugreek seed extracts can be used for preparing a number of dishes and consumption is not a big deal.
  4. Hop flower : Yes, It has a rich content of flavonoids which accelerates mammary gland development and also regulates hormone production. Hop flower can be consumed in various ways and multiple recipes can be gathered from the internet.
  5. Mexican wild yam root : This is a very good source of beta-carotene diosgenin which are very helpful in promoting optimum breast development.
  6. Saw Palmetto berry : It is a physosterols containing oil which is very effective in reversing the atrophy of mammary glands. Hence, this is a powerful agent in the process of breast enhancement.
  7. One can also take recourse to watercress leaf which is a rich source of folic acid, Lucein and vitamin E which are important components in breast enhancement. Also, there are several other benefits associated with vitamin E like improved blood circulation and so on.
  8. Butea Superba is a plant that has rich contents of phytoestrogens (some of which include miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol, coumestans). These contribute to the enhancement of breasts and are also used in hormone replacement therapy. These are beneficial for skin and hair.
  9. Dandelion root is effective in the formation of new breast cells and tissues. It is, therefore, important for the purpose of breast enlargement.

Doing House-Hold chores makes the breast devolp into proper size the girls who have been taking proper Diet are the ones who gets (tend to say) the natural gift of Perfect boobs and cup.

If you are looking this post for a Teenager, who has just entered the phase of Maturity or is running through, Have a look here : How to increase breast size in Teenagers?

For More information regarding the Same Topic, watch out THE VIDEO

Foods Help Masses Breast-Growth Hormone - Increase Breast Size Naturally

As We say everytime in this "BLOG" : This is a continuous process and not an instant result giver. So, It is never good to leave the process in-between. You need to be regular for a prolong time period. Though, If you want your breasts to look bigger and perfect in a minute's time just have a look the "Instant Solution" part of this article and follow the techniques :

How Teenagers Can Increase Breast Size following These Simple Tips

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How to increase breast size easily being a teenage girl - some DIY and Home Remedies detailing Massage Tips & Diet Secrets of Bust Enlargement 

As a Girl enters in the first phase of puberty during her Teenage, Breasts start increasing their size on a constant note. Some of the girls notice the trend of Small breasts in their family(on Heredity Basis) and get conscious of their own size. This is when they need guidance on "How to Increase Breast size for teenagers" and help from the very beginning.

Of-course ladies, Well shaped and developed breasts are something that every woman desires and considers an integral part of their beauty. At the time when a girl hits puberty, her erogenous zones start developing. Breasts start growing; pubic hair start growing along with other developments of the genitalia.

Reason of the Breast Size Being Small and de-formed?

Though it depends on the Physical well-being, nutritive aspects and heredity structure of the girl but due to hormonal imbalances also many women experience underdeveloped or not well-formed breasts. This is not only a physical problem but also poses other problems starting from wearing dresses to the next stages of Reproductive life. 

Breast enlargement surgery is for the ladies who have passed this stage and still don't want to work for attaining a good shape. As it is just, an instant remedy to the underdeveloped, shrunken breasts. We should not look on it as there are not only ways of attaining a proper shape as well as this option leads to many side-effects and mis-balance. We should respect and believe mother nature and work accordingly.

The Appropriate Steps and Measures :

From teenage one should take care of their breasts to avoid future complications. They are discussed below and references of the Same are given, Follow them religiously : 
  • Massage : It is the most effective and efficient natural way to increase breast size. It not only improves blood circulation in the mammary gland region but also helps in maintaining the elasticity of the muscles and tissues of the breasts. This in terms enhances the firmness of the breasts and over time helps in keeping them in proper shape.

Check Out, For proper details and techniques : How to increase Breast size by massage? 
  • Balanced and Nutritious Diet :Diet plays a major role in the process of breast development. If a healthy and balanced diet is followed from an early age then one cannot face problems related to breast development. A diet rich of proteins and essential vitamins is considered to be very effective for maintaining healthy breasts.

         Check Out, For proper details and the DIET you need to add or reduce : 9 foods to increase            breast size naturally
  • Exercise, Yoga and Pressing : There are certain exercises which if done from teenage can lead to enhanced breasts. For instance, push ups, breast exercises with dumbbells, female deer exercise and others. Can can look up to the list of exercises on google that lead to enhanced breast sizes. These should be done over a period of time to get maximum results.
For more on this specific topic, you need to watch out :
How to increase Breast Size by Massage (You will get the Apt Exercise) 
How to increase Breast size by Yoga
How to increase Breast Size by Pressing? 
  • There are many massage oils and creams that can be used for massaging your breasts. These sink into the skin and reach the tissues and breast cells. These are simulators that cause enhanced hormone secretion.
The Best Oils and Creams we will Suggest: 

  • In case, you are at the last phase of teenage and are desperate to get the results, just combine the Diet and Exercise with BREAST ACTIVES and you will attain the perfect shape and will flaunt the dresses like Beyonce ;) . Kudos Ladies! Let's work. 

For a Proper detail on this topic : Read, How to Increase Breast Size? 

It must be kept in mind that opting for a natural way is the best process of breast enlargement. These might not give instant results but are very effective for the long run. If started from an early age then one would not face problems regarding underdevelopment of breasts. For further information one can take the aid of the search engine to look after proper diets, list of exercises and other related information.

Girls, if you want to have a proper shape GET MY BEST ADVICE AND REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE :


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How to increase Bust Size by Pressing - Breast Enhancement Tips

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Push and Pressing Exercises for Breast Size Enhancement - Increase your Bust Size and Get Attractive Boobs by Practicing Breast Pressing Exercises. 

Getting well "Shaped and Sized" breasts is something that every woman desires. So, Is getting a Bigger and Prevalent shape of your breasts, in your desire list too? Though for increasing The Breast Size you have ways out like Surgeries, implants but As we know "Surgeries can go wrong" and we cannot reverse that effect. So, Natural ways are perceivingly to be more preferred and a healthy choice too for Increasing the Breast size and make them more perfect.

When To Start the Pressing Exercise and Why the Shape gets im-perfect?

Usually by the age of 17 or 18, women have attained fully developed breasts and all the hormonal secretions gets balanced.
However, under certain unnatural circumstances the breasts are either not fully developed or deformed. There can be several reasons behind this – starting from, improper and unbalanced hormonal secretions, lack of nutrition and several others. Teenagers are usually very careless about their diet and tend to rely on Junk Food more than the Proper nutritious diet. This makes the Breast go imperfect : Be it small in size or a little irregular.

How to Increase your breast Size By Pressing?

Before you sleep and after you take a bath, do the pressing exercise or massage in your breast to enhance the tissue in your busts/boobs. It will help you to grow them more stronger and increase blood circulation too, so that they grow naturally.

To Know, What Massage techniques are to be followed Read it here :

How to increase breast size with massage

  • You can do this as often as you want in a day and always make sure that you do this correctly. The Perfect strokes at your beasts will make them attain the shape and size, they want to.You must realize that breast increase through pressing exercise and massaging is a long term process and cannot be achieved overnight unlike breast implantation. One must be patient for getting the desired results.
  •  When we combine the Breast Massage and Pressing with BREAST ACTIVES, It gives tremendous-life Long and Fast results, Better that any surgery or Implants will provide you with. You can also alter for more ways, If you are the one having regular routines like morning Exercises or Evening schedule for the same, You can along with  : 

 How to Increase breast Size by Exercise and Yoga?

It is good to attain something by proper Hard-Work and Time, Seems that you have earned it! So Go on. those Perfect breast are not so difficult to attain for flaunting the Floor with amazing dresses.

If you are a Teenager who has just entered or is passing through the phase. Redirect Yourself to :

How To increase Breast-Size for Teenagers? 

You can carry forward with the follow-up's of rules of Pressing as well as the Proper diet from the time you get vigilant even in teenage. If you are on the verge of crossing the teens, the regularity and proper use of Some Breast Actives with Massage and other techniques will help you, reach your milestone and then the goal.

Include a Proper Diet in your Schedule with Pressing and massage exercise, For more Info chck out : 9 Foods to Increase Breast Size Naturally

However, there are several ways of correcting this condition, There are other ways of increasing breast size – medical and natural; surgical and non-surgical and so on. 
Being that, Breast enhancement is a very common thing these days, undertaken by many women.

Although, Non-surgical and Natural methods might prove to be time consuming, they are nevertheless without risk and side effects.

Pressing when combined with proper-Self massage is one of the best and natural ways of enhancing breast size.

How to Increase Breast Size By Choosing Out-Fits, Nutrition & Health Suppliments

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Ways to Breast Size Enhancement that Helps in Growing Breast Like Celebrities - Follow Out-fits, Pushup Bras & Health Supplements to Increase Breast Size

One of the major components of women’s beauty and make her body shape look appealing as well as fuller is the fully developed and well shaped breasts of the Perfect Size.
Mostly, women by the age of 13 or 14 tend to start developing busts that can also vary according to the time as soon as they hit puberty and by the age of 17-19 they have fully formed, perfect breasts.

However, due to certain hormonal imbalances and late puberty hit in some girls, many times women do not attain fully developed breasts of the perfect size and it compels them to pave their ways towards breast enhancement procedures.

Breast enhancement is for sure not a comparative talk of yester-days, this new procedure that became popular as the talk of the town with the development of technology. Though, There are various ways of breast enhancement including the surgical as well as non-surgical ones.

But, We have discussed Some of the procedures below for a better understanding in brief, so that they can influence up your next steps.

Some Easy Ways to Increase Breast Size- Instant as well as Naturally

Push-Up Bra : 
Always Wear "push-up bra with lined cups (padded)"and do not forget to wear the Right Size Bra. This can help you instantly and unquestionably build up a fuller and perfect bra-size even with no surgery. Your dress will fit you more perfectly and provide an amazing shape.
You have to check that you pick the right one with enduring strap so it can lift your breast up instantly.
You can also attempt to curve the cups between the bra lines so that it minimizes your busts together and make them look greater and fuller. They will push up and make the cleavage look more appealing.
Push-Up Bra to Increase the Breast Size

Use a Brush : 

You can likewise in the same way make use of the Brush so that it makes your bust look fuller more full and rounder. You can alter it on and let it become flushed that is the same shade as your skin tone. So that it looks more natural. You have to verify and double-check that you pick the right brush and shade so it will look better and typical. 
You additionally need to look that both sides are even and look real. This makes it instant and real.

Use of Brush to enhance the Breast Size

Accessorize and Choose Your Out-Fits :
Clothes to make the Breast Size more appealing

Dresses that make the Breast Look more Big and appealing
You need to dress up with the right type of clothing that will fit your body perfectly. Buy some tops that will give accentuate and heavy thick growth on your breasts like tube tops. It will not just show the fullness of your body but it will also emphasis into your shoulders and your neckline.

Caution: Just Stay away from the "plunging and round necklines" because it will make your breasts look smaller and deceive them away.

Surgical Procedure for Breast Size Enhancement– 

The most well-known method for breast enhancement is through surgery for the obvious reasons like, it is easy and instant. 
In this strategy, the specialist puts either saline or silicon embed pad in the breast (above or under the muscle). The expense of surgery varies from individual to individual contingent and viable on the needs and necessities, also on the size one demands. In spite of the fact that, bosom implantation for bust enhancement surgery has its own dangers, as the individual must be exceptionally conscious and care like hell, in the post-surgical period to maintain a strategic distance from spillage of inserts, it is still the most usually picked procedure. We do not recommend this as it has it's own drawbacks and side-effects.

We believe in: We highly recommend you to gear up your Breast Size with the help of Massage, Yoga, Pressing and the Proper intake of Food as well as the BREAST ACTIVES. Something comes natural the hard way is ensured to stay at the optimum amount for long.

Health Supplements to Grow Breast Faster– 

In-taking the Health and wellbeing supplements is another method for enhacing the Perfect Breast or Bosom Size. There are numerous diet supplements accessible in the market today, that claim to upgrade breast size estimate by stimulating on the development of the breast tissues.

What doest the supplement do? : These supplements generally invigorate and stimulate the creation of estrogen in the body.
In any case of intake of there hormone one must remember the fact that, one must recall these medications, on supervision of a doctor.
It ought to be included as a preventative note, that, varies from individual to individual. And not at all surgical treatments like implantation or surgeries of Breast stuffing end up with these results which are ensured.

So, We highly recommend you to gear up your Breast Size with the help of Massage, Yoga, Pressing and the Proper intake of Food as well as the BREAST ACTIVES. Something comes natural the hard way is ensured to stay at the optimum amount for long.

Nutrition and Diet to Increase Breast Size – 

On the off chance if you are very much eager and conscious and that you wish to swear off both solution, then depending on a sound eating regimen and taking a very Balanced Diet with non-surgical process is the most common procedure of increasing the Breast Size. 
You have to devour and completely rely on solid and nutritious sustenances that ave an optimum quantity of estrogen creation like oats, fennel, soy beans, egg plants, plums, wheat, parsley, flaxseeds, red beans etc. 
For further points of clearance and a legitimate rundown schedule of nourishment diet, you can contact a dietician for this reason.

Bosom Blooming that is the Breast enhancement process is a long time taking process to handle that can be accomplished gradually and consistently only. Though, It is Regardless of the fact that you are deciding on surgical procedure or medicinal intercession. Still the diet plays a far important role.

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How to increase breast size with massage

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Are you worried about your breast size? do you want breast appealing your appearance bold and beautiful - Here we are sharing tips on how to increase boobs size with massage at home

Well shaped and well developed breasts are an integral part of feminine beauty. Every healthy women dreams of getting a perfect bust, the reason being to fit-well in the dresses or to make her man happy and feel scrumptious. Making it the reason being, Women take great care of the the part. However, due to hormonal imbalances and several other medical and physical reasons, women experience underdeveloped or deformed breasts.

Many women who suffer from underdeveloped breasts seek professional and help – apart from breast implantation surgery there are several natural remedies as well.
Breast Size
Although, these cannot be expected to give instant result, are time consuming but without any risks or side-effects. A woman should never go for implants or surgery because of the considerable number of side-effect these things have.
Breast Massage
Before paving our ways through the natural ways, Let us gaze some instant solutions which can make your bust look fuller and get that dress grow perfect.

Some Do’s and Do-not’s with Instant solution For the Time-Being :

Push-Up Bra- Premiumly known as the "Breast Enhancer" Bra. They lift your boobs and make them grow fuller and if added with "PUSH-UP PADDED BRA" they can do wonders.
If you have a minimal breast size you should opt out for these always as in the long run they will make your breast grow large and fuller too.

Buy Push-Up padded bra from e-commerce sites

Deep Necklines Outfits or extremely HIGH-NECK- These kind of out-fits provide you with an illusion of the appropriate size making your outfit grab major attention. For high-necks, They will make the breast part hide providing it a curvy look due to the long straight tuning.

The Detailed Neck-Lines Outfit

Bold Colors and Patterns- Wear bold and bright colors and prints on the top. Keep your lowers subdued. If you invert this detail, it will make your breasts look smaller!

Use a BRUSH- If you want to wear cleavage revealing clothes, make use of make up!! Use darker shade of foundation to make your breasts appear fuller and bigger. They will sound as protruding out and will frame in the sexy category.
Use a brush for making Book fuller

Before you go for any natural way of treatment or surpass your ways to surgical ones, opt the option out of BREAST ACTIVES. Start taking them with the proper diet schedule and exercises. For detailed info, Check out and go for >> C Cup Code

All the detailed secret about the exact bust techniques >> Check out the C-Cup Code.

Some Natural Ways to Increase Breast Size

1. Do Massage to get your Bust Prefect: Massage is an age old technique and remedy for those who experience underdeveloped or deformed breasts. In fact, this can prevent someone from experiencing underdeveloped breasts if started at an early age. 
Breast massage, if accompanied by some medicinal supplements and physical exercises can yield amazing results. For anything and everything related to the concerned topic, have a look below :

How to Perform Breast Massage to Increase Size:

Breast massage should be done daily for at least 30 minutes to get maximum results. There should be at least 100-200 circular strokes around the breasts running upwards. The main advantage of this method is that, you can do it whenever and want and has no side effects. This is an extremely simple method which any person can do. However, you should know the strokes and massaging patterns properly to ensure that you get maximum results.

You must realize that breast increase through massaging is a long term process and cannot be achieved overnight unlike breast implantation. One must be patient for getting the desired results.
The Appropriate Size

Massaging enables smooth distribution of hormones through improved blood circulation.

But before that, If you are a teenager or on the verge of completing it, I would suggest you to first read this Article >> How Teenagers Can Increase Breast Size following These Simple Tips and then do the proceedings. 

Tools you need for doing Breast Massage : 

You can make it without anything just from your palms but if you combine the Massage with the Breast Massage Cream and make it regular with Exercise, it will help you tremendously for a Perfect Breast Size. Here are the Best Creams you can use with it :

The Massages that Your Need to Increase Breast Size:

  • Fifteen minute of Gentle massage each day can help to regenerate your breast tissues by stimulating the glands and provide them with a proper shape. 
Massage not only helps the body to get rid of toxins which gets accumulated due to wearing bra for a prolonged period but also enables the natural flow of toxins which keeps your breasts in proper shape. (You should not wear Bra at night so that your muscles get proper rest and the balance of hormones is maintained.)
The correct strokes for massaging is important to know, otherwise the shape pertains to be irregular.

Have a Look at the video for knowing the proper way of doing self massage : (Video)

  • The female deer exercise : It is a breast enlargement massage known for its twofold benefits –

  1. Improves blood circulation in the breasts and make them capable of good lactation, when the time approaches.  
  2. Securing hormonal balances in the body. 
Female Deer Exercise [Source: Insights]

  • A warm massage : This massage improves the prolactin synthesis in the body which is triggered mainly through touch or during a sexual intercourse. This hormone (Prolactin) is required for breast cell production. 
[Ample Way to massage : Source mimitosdemama]

Although, There are many drugs to induce Prolactin secretion and make your breast grow in the desired size but nothing can be better than this natural way.
Always remember, after a certain point of time the body gets used to chemicals and they become similar regular routine ; Hence, leading to "no-effectiveness" of chemicals even after a high-dose too.
  • The brush technique : This can be taken up for massaging your breasts (Always remain, least advised). In this process, fat from other parts of the body are brushed and accumulated in the breast. Usually fat is collected from the belly, thighs, butts and other fatty parts of the body. It also has many additional benefits – it prevents the growth of carcinogenic cells, helps to achieve an admirable body among others.

If you want to pertain the maximum benefit of the breast-enlargement massage then ; combine the "self-massage" with Breast Actives, CLICK here!

2. Do exercise regularly

Some bust increasing exercise, I am suggesting you below :

  • Wall-Press: Stand facing a wall and place your feet on the floor and arms across the wall rigidly. Then slowly and steadily move yourself towards the wall with the help of your hands making your feet stay rigid. The same way as you do, push-up on the floor. 
    Wall Press
  • Arm Swings : There are 3 different kinds of arm swing you can perform. Choose the one which fits you the most and get that body going. 
Type 1- Arm Swing

Type 2- Arm Swing
Type 3- Arm Swing

You need to be conscious of your Diet too , it makes big changes and will lead to easy attainment of the same. As it is not natural so It is important for you to combine with BREAST ACTIVES and make them really perfect.


Check it out here : 9 foods to increase breast size naturally

All this is most prevailing and effective when combined with Breast Actives

The greatest advantage of breast massaging is that : It can be done on once's own without anybody's help and would still provide you with the best results.
Massaging does not involve any risks and even if the strokes go wrong, it would not cause any harm to the body.

However, this is a continuous process and not an instant result giver. So, It is never good to leave the process in-between. You need to be regular for a prolong time period. Though, If you want your breasts to look bigger and perfect in a minute's time just have a look the "Instant Solution" part of this article and follow the techniques :