Rowing Machines Resistance Types and Which suits you Best?

water-rowing machines

The type of rowing machine is a fact that is very important for some while it is not as significant for others. It is generally important for those people who are professional rowers or athletes who need to train a particular muscle group by rowing. For them, it has to be very specifically determined about […]

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Best Bike Trainers – Top Picks and Reviews in Every Category

Bike Trainer Review

What happens to your health agenda during the snow-filled, cold winter seasons? Well, if you are like most, the odds are that you probably even don’t think about training throughout the cold period, in the first place. Of course, it borders on the impossible to head out for a riding session with all the snow […]

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[Review] The Best Weightlifting Shoes – Our Top 5 Picks For 2016

Weightlifting can be quite an uplifting sport, – speaking – especially when you finally get to unearth the larger weights you once thought were impossible. Unfortunately, a good majority of weight lifting enthusiasts never get to achieve their goals, and this is simply because they remain unaware of the basic concepts behind the whole application. […]

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Reviewing The Best Foam Rollers For 2016 – Top Picks

You know it’s about time to invest in a foam roller when the lingering aches and pains from intense workout sessions, won’t just go away. Indeed, recovering from any intense physical activity so as to remain healthy enough for the next workout is a huge challenge for most and more so, those just getting started […]

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[Review] The Best Weight Bench For 2016 – Our Top Picks

durable and affordable weight bench for gymers

Your home gym is never quite complete until a high-quality weight bench is incorporated and this is coming from an expert’s point of view. Once you attain sufficient fitness levels after months on the elliptical trainer, for instance, the next step is usually to boost your muscle size, endurance or strength. If you are not […]

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The Best Entry Level Road Bikes Under $500 in 2016

Entry level road bike reviews

The bike industry is quite interesting. Just a few years back, you had to have a ballooning bank account to own a premium road bike with state-of-the-art technologies, such as the coveted Shimano Drivetrain. The sheer ability to “trickle down” technologies in the industry, makes it highly competitive and hence, beneficial to the end consumer. […]

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